The Last Sunday

Join us (online!) every last Sunday of the month (October - May) for artistic responses to the month's top news stories and events. 

 The Last Sunday is now held online through Zoom. Email us for the link.

The last Sunday of every month beginning October 27th, 2019, we are inviting the public to join us at 733 Broadway Ave for a free, one-hour performance experience. It’s as fresh as a show gets as our community’s playwrights, musicians, ranters and celebrity interviewees delve into some of that month’s top news stories and events.

“It’s theatre of the now,” says artistic director Joel Bernbaum. “Art is more relevant than it has ever been before. It has the power to take people down a new path of understanding the world around them. We believe these performances and the discussions they generate will build a better community.”

The Last Sunday is sponsored by Shift Development.


Where? On Zoom! Please contact us for the link. 

How much? It's free!

When? 7:30pm

Accessibility Guide 

Sum Theatre is committed to accessibility. The first way we do this is by offering programs for free so that everyone can afford to participate. The Last Sunday is one of our many free programs.There are limitations to any venue. Please read below for more information about The Regal Beagle where we run The Last Sunday.


Stairs and Doorways

This venue is not wheelchair accessible. We greatly apologize for this and are working on solutions. The venue is in the basement of an old building on Broadway Avenue. It has a step up from street level. There is a set of double doors with no button to open them. There are nine stairs down to the basement. There is a single door at the bottom of the staircase followed by a small step down into the main space which has a level, concrete floor. At this time, no ramp or lift is available.


Seating is casual. An audience area is created with low couches, armchairs, regular event chairs (cushioned), and higher bar-stool style chairs with small, short backs. Seating is first-come-first-served, but we are happy to make whatever adjustments are needed.


There are two gender-neutral washrooms located off the main audience space and through a pair of small change-rooms. Unfortunately, neither has space to easily accommodate a wheelchair.

Audio Amplification

The band/musician, host, ranter, and interview portions of the event each use a microphone. The only portion of the event that is not amplified is the new play reading (but actors are trained to speak loudly and clearly).


The venue is in a basement with no windows. It is lit by overhead lights before and after the performance. During the performance, the audience sits in the dark and the only light is from the bright lights pointed at the stage.

Travel Guide

Parking is available on Broadway Avenue in front of the venue, 733 Broadway Avenue. There is a 5-minute loading zone half a block North on Broadway, south of the 11th Street intersection. Parking is also available on all side-streets.

Arrival Guide

The venue is open to the public at around 7pm, 30-minutes prior to the event's 7:30pm start time. The band may still be doing sound check or actors rehearsing. It's an informal event.

There are no tickets. Just show up and find a seat! If you require assistance, Sum Theatre staff will be there to help, greeting people as they arrive. If you are not greeted when you arrive, you can talk to the bartender for assistance. The bar is located to your left when you enter the space.

Who to Talk To

Should you require more information on accessibility please contact Heather Morrison, Sum Theatre Artistic Producer at We are very happy to make accommodations as we are able so please feel encouraged to reach out.