The fourth season of Theatre in the Park was based off elder Maria Campbell's book Little Badger and the Fire Spirit. Rougly 7000 people enjoyed the story that follows a boy on a dangerous quest to bring fire back to his people. Little Badger’s world is one full of music, magic and a beautiful Indigenous world-view. This is a story about how the human, natural and animal worlds are intertwined. Little Badger and the Fire Spirit ran July 4th - 28, 2016 in parks around Saskatoon. It has been nominated for a number of Saskatoon and Area Theatre Awards. 

"Little Badger and the Fire Spirit is a warm and uplifting story that counters all the negativity that we take for granted in what we perceive to be entertainment — fanning the flame of hope, you might say, for a better future." - The StarPhoenix




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