Theatre in the Pool ran July 19 -21, 2017 at George Ward Pool in Saskatoon.

Earth Diver is Sum Theatre’s telling of the Cree creation story. When the world was flooded Elder Brother asked the animals for help. An unexpected hero saves the day and Turtle Island is made. Featuring the Sum Theatre ensemble and young performers from White Buffalo Youth Lodge and the Open Door Society. Original music and Lyrics by Nona Naytowhow, Ali Kharsa and Jeffrey Popiel. 

This project was funded by the Government of Canada. 

Directed by Joel Bernbaum and Charlie Peters

Ensemble Members of Earth Diver were Jenna Berenbaum, Yulissa Campos, Colin Dingwall, Dalton Lightfoot, Fred Nicolas, Donovan Scheirer and Megan Zong

​Design by Evgenia Mikhaylova

Stage Managed by Angela Christie and Alana Freidstadt

Photos & Video