Be Part of SUMthing Great!

Be Part of SUMthing Great!

We believe in the power of theatre and the power of community. With your help we can do even more in this wonderful city.

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We believe in the power of theatre and the power of community. 

We use theatre to bring people together. Our innovative and exciting professional performances are offered free of charge. We work with dozens of community associations, community organizations and volunteers. We respond to the community's needs and work with the community to provide artistic solutions. 


With this support from the community, Sum will be able to:

  1. Continue to produce theatrical experiences at the highest level of artistic excellence.
  2. Expand our programming to make theatre accessible to audiences of all ages, cultures, abilities and socio-economic backgrounds
  3. Provide more opportunities for people of all ages, but especially youth, to participate in community-building experiences.
  4. Strengthen our partnerships with community organizations who would benefit from using theatre as a tool to further their important work

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We are a registered charity and will provide a tax receipt for your donation.