Dates and Neighbourhoods Hosting us

  1. Nutana at 7:00pm

  2. River Heights at 7:00pm

  3. Richmond Heights at 7:00pm

  4. Forest Grove at 7:00pm

  5. Churchill at 12:00pm

  6. Stonebridge at 2:00pm

  7. City Park at 7:00pm

  8. Varsity View at 7:00pm

  9. Rosewood at 7:00pm

  10. Hampton Village at 7:00pm

  11. Willowgrove at 5:30pm

  12. College Park East at 7:30pm

  13. Caswell Hill at 12:00pm

  14. Riversdale at 2:00pm

  15. Pleasant Hill at 7:00pm

  16. Mayfair at 12:00pm

  17. Fairhaven at 2:00pm

  18. Exhibition at 7:00pm

  19. Wildwood at 7:00pm

  20. Silverwood Heights at 7:00pm

  21. Silverspring at 7:00pm

  22. City of Martensville at 5:30pm

  23. City of Martensville at 7:30pm

  24. Confederation at 12:00pm

  25. Mount Royal at 2:00pm

  26. Buena Vista at 7:00pm

  27. Mayfair at 12:00pm

Theatre in the Park has always been more than a play. It was an experience that built community. And community is more important than ever. On that note...

Sum Theatre presents on Treaty 6 Territory and the traditional Homeland of the Métis:

TURN, TURN, TURN… a travelling theatre experience! 

July 28 - Aug 16, 2020

SUM has been producing innovative summer theatre experiences for the entire family since 2013. We do our best to reflect the state of the world as we see it, as our children might see it. When we started putting together this year’s show, the world was pretty much upside down. Day by day, we have watched our city opening back up safely and thoughtfully. We’re happy to have come up with a “show” that responds in a fun and accessible way, and that keeps everyone’s safety at the top of the list! 

Because it is not safe for you to come out and see us in the park this year, we've decided to bring the show to you! For each performance, we have listed the neighbourhood and a start time below. We will be in each neighbourhood for approximately 45 minutes travelling by foot on the street. We're inviting you and your families to venture out into your very own neighbourhood. Along the way, you just might run into our talented troupe of diverse performers! There’ll be music, large puppets, wonderful creatures, and all the same fun you’ve come to expect from a SUM experience! We apologize that we cannot give you more specific information. As part of our adherence to the public health guidelines, we cannot encourage gathering. 

What IS a travelling theatre experience? 

Our show this year is made up of a zillion wonderful moments looping in succession; telling a story of healing and helping, of friendship and love. From where you sit, you might get to see the whole “show”, or you may just catch a glimpse. Either way, we promise to make it magical! We are grateful to be welcomed into your communities once again, and can’t wait to spread some whimsy and creative energy along the way, even if it has to look a little different this year! 


We trust that our audiences know and understand how to take care of themselves. This year we ask you to really focus on taking care of each other. If you do run into us in your neighbourhood, please find a safe spot to enjoy our little show as it rolls by. We need to maintain a safe distance (2 metres or more) between our audience and our performers. To enjoy the show safely and responsibly, you will need to keep a safe distance (2 metres or more) from any other audience members you meet while out and about.  We’ve got marshals to help out if anyone gets too close. We’re inviting all audience members, who feel comfortable doing so, to put on their face masks as we approach. 


If you or someone in your bubble has mobility issues, please contact us at We will be able to give you a place to wait for us along the route.

If you or someone in your bubble is blind, visually impaired, or requires low stimulus performances, please contact us at We will be be able to provide you with an audio download of a visual description of the performance.

If you or someone in your bubble is deaf, Deaf, or hard of hearing, please contact us at We will be able to provide you with an ASL interpreted video performance of the song "How to be Brave." Please note: The show is primarily visual. It does not include dialogue, but there is a backing track created specifically for this show. Some of the songs include lyrics. 

If you or someone in your bubble has other needs we have not anticipated, please contact us at We will do our best to serve you.

Thanks in advance for your patience and thoughtfulness as we figure out what SUM Theatre can look like in today's world. Please also make sure to check out our sponsors page and see the incredible businesses who have enabled us to provide this opportunity.